Why NYIrrigation? NEW YORK PLANTINGS IRRIGATION is a NYC based Irrigation service provider company and working from last 10 yrs with highly skilled employee and more than 300 satisfied clients. We take care your plants. Save Water, Save Money and Save Time with "NYIRRIGATION". We can save you 30% water,Electric bill and time.
NY Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting
New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting: A Dedicated Company For Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Services in New York 646-434-8049.

We are specialized in irrigation systems, irrigation company, nyc irrigation company, NYC gation installers, NY drip irrigation systems, rooftop garden irrigation, terrace garden irrigation, landscape irrigation, lawn sprinklers,Landscape Lighting etc.

Our Services :
  1. Any type or style of watering system for landscapes and gardens.
  2. Rooftop Garden Irrigation Design
  3. Irrigation system Consult
  4. Installation and repair of lawn sprinkler systems
  5. Experts in Electronic Irrigation controls
  6. DripWatering Systems, micro Sprinklers
  7. Commercial Irrigation Systems

We can repair and improve your existing Drip Irrigation systems or Lawn Sprinklers.
Call for irrigation services:646 434 8049
Call: 347-558-7051 *24Hr. Emergency Irrigation Repair Service
Email us: info@newyorkplantings.com
Address:New York Plantings Irrigation,Landscape Lighting
NYC bx 1229 432 E 14st Manhattan,
NY 10009 US
Phone: 646-434-8049
Website: http://www.newyorkplantings.com/Irrigation.html
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Delvin Zamora
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Oct 2017

Since I had an experience working with Todd, I called him to fix my irrigation system since some of my plants are dying because of thirst. He set a schedule and we worked during that time. Again, b...Read More

New York Plantings Garden Design
Relationship: ColleagueProject Date: Oct 2017

Use Newyorkplantings for professional drip irrigation system services in the NYC area as well as garden installations. Worked together for a large Manhattan, NY penthouse garden installation with new ...Read More

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