New York Plantings drip Irrigation and fall winterizing irrigation NYC
New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting remind reminding clients to make their drip irrigation or lawn sprinklers. It is very important to perform a Fall Winterizing irrigation system service. Most property owners that have finished landscapes in the Manhattan, NYC area know that each year in fall it is time to schedule the irrigation system shutdown or irrigation system winterizing, generally, with drip irrigation systems in urban gardens or landscapes we try to shut down drip irrigation systems as late in the fall as possible. We generally want to keep the plantings in planter boxes, pots or containers moist as long as possible to help them survive the winter while the irrigation system is shut down. With evergreen trees and shrubs it may be necessary and beneficial to hand water lightly during warm dry winters. It helps to know the type of irrigation system you have when scheduling your irrigation company NY or lawn sprinkler company NY to perform landscape irrigation winterizing services. New York Plantings specializes in drip irrigation systems but has the experience to perform services on both drip irrigation systems and lawn sprinkler systems. Many NY irrigation companies specialize in Lawn sprinklers and perform less drip irrigation system installations. When choosing your irrigation system service company for a yearly irrigation service agreement or lawn sprinkler system service agreement it may pay off to ask the company's specialty in either lawn sprinklers or drip irrigation by hiring a specialist in your particular type of system. Drip irrigation systems have many benefits and are far more efficient than traditional lawn sprinklers or spray type irrigation systems and also happen to be simpler to winterize drip irrigation systems than lawn sprinklers. If you are not sure what type of garden irrigation system you have, there are some general guidelines although exceptions. Watering systems for terrace plantings, rooftop garden, green roof irrigation and penthouse garden irrigation systems, even the majority of townhouse landscapes and brownstone rear yards are using drip irrigation along with many small NYC parks and courtyards. Then, just about any application with grass, sod or lawn s typically utilizes lawn sprinklers or traditional spray type irrigation systems to water the grass or lawn. Almost any trees in planter boxes or pots on roof gardens or penthouse gardens use drip irrigation. Lawn Sprinklers require winterizing as well. The lawn sprinkler blowout. Again, traditional lawn sprinklers require that the water be removed from the irrigation manifold and valves as is the case with typical drip irrigation systems as well as nearly all or all the water be removed from the entire system. An effective way and what is industry standard is to use compressed air to "blow out" the water in the irrigation system and sprinkler heads. Lawn sprinklers are more sensitive to winter damage due to freezing water in almost any part of the system, but as with everything expect with lawn sprinklers vs drip irrigation there is more work to be performed in making the landscape watering system or lawn sprinklers ready for Winter or cold weather. This is where the term " lawn sprinkler blow outs" comes from. The lawn sprinkler service company simply connects compressed air to your lawn sprinklers and blows out the water until a fine mist or even no more water comes out from the sprinkler heads, only air...telling the technician that there is no more water in the system, thus protecting your landscape irrigation from freezing water or ice damage. If you think about it, that is why a car engine has antifreeze: because if the water in the engine would happen to freeze, even the strong cast iron engine blocks split or crack right open from the massive forces generated by the expansion of ice. Your drip irrigation system valves, filters, other components and controls do not stand a chance to survive the winter if not properly serviced before the first freeze. New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting NYC offers An irrigation service contract or drip irrigation service agreement in which provided Winterizing services as well as the Spring irrigation startup are provided. Other premium service agreements include additional visits to adjust the drip irrigation system and monitor the performance and efficiency of the system throughout the growing season. Proper garden and landscape irrigation system design and maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure a happy, healthy landscape and to prevent costly repairs. Contact irrigation services at 646-434-8049 or For more information: New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting 333 E 14 st box 1229 Manhattan, NY 10009 646-434-8049 Site url: